The Cubans bij Jay Seldin – a kickstarter project.

Op vind je ruim 7200 “creatievelingen” met de mooiste (en minder mooie) projecten op zoek naar vooral kopers, financiers oftewel,”backers” in het vakjargon. Daartussen documentaire fotograaf Jay Seldin die vele jaren Cuba bezocht en vol passie zijn nog te maken boek “The Cubans” aanprijst.

Op zijn Kickstartpagina veel informatie met een film, details van het boek en de diverse financieringsvoorstellen. Per vandaag, 28 mei, nog 13 dagen te gaan om de financiering rond te krijgen!   Interesse?, wij wel!, teken gauw in, het kost pas geld als het project door gaat!  Lees zijn verhaal hieronder, met alle toekomstige veranderingen  in Cuba zal dit boek een klassieker worden.. zo schatten wij in !

We lezen..

This book will be 180+ pages and showcase 80+ black and white high resolution photographs. In addition to the photographs, there will be a forward, a introduction, and an essay written by Larry McKim an artist and independent curator, Charles V. Bagli a reporter for the NYTimes, and Sergio Leyva Seiglie, a young photojournalist from Cuba, respectively.

The book is a hard cover 10.5″ w x 9.5″ h, horizontal format book with a full Brillianta case and a foil stamp on the front and spine.  Each image will be printed on the right page, while the left page will provide the photo title and caption. The book will be printed using the highest quality offset print process. Each image will be masterly converted by the printer to produce the highest quality black and white photos with a spot varnish to bring out the luster of each image.  While this process is very costly, I believe that each photograph deserves the best quality of reproduction. This book of beautifully luminous photographs is a book that you will  treasure forever.  This is a first edition book and will be a limited print run of only 1,000 copies.

To produce the highest quality book I need your support and backing. Funding for this book will take a village. As a big thank you to the the village, I plan to give back by sharing this book with a broader public. Should funding surpass $30,000, I will donate 100+ books to schools, cultural center, and libraries. It is so important to share the Cuban’s story and what better way than through beautiful photographs that captures the raw emotion of day to day life.

If you decide to support my campaign, you will be entitled to a variety of rewards as a thank you for helping me reach my goal. You will only be charged and receive your gifts if the campaign is fully funded, which makes it more of a reason to spread the word!


The Book:

The Cubans, is a book about the people who live in a place where time stands still and change does not exist. It is about families and cultures and how they must learn to be creative to survive. When I first traveled to Cuba in the mid 2000’s, I started to document the day to day life of the average Cuban. My trips to Cuba started as a personal documentation but has turned into so much more than I could have ever imagined.

 Cuba was and still is a very seductive and mysterious country, that captures my attention every single time I arrive and stays with me every time I leave. Shortly into my first trip, I realized that this was no ordinary location shoot, rather everything I was capturing was living history. Instantly, I could see that the Cuban people are living a life that has been left behind in time. In the years following the revolution through the exit of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s, there was no forward motion, no hope of change, and little imagination that the Cuban people would live a life any different than what they’ve always known. 

My book is not about the politics of Cuba. My book is about the people, their families, and the innovative ways they have learned to survive and thrive under the conditions that stood still and often crumbled in front of them. 

Since my first photo journey to Cuba, I have returned almost every year, sometimes multiple times a year to document the small but significant changes that have been occurring. Over the years, I started taking small groups of photographers who want to experience the same seduction and mystery that keeps me coming back year after year. Together, we have all been able to feel the love, see the struggle, and feel the hope that now twinkles in the eyes of the Cubans. 

De link naar Jay zijn KickstarterPagina — The Cubans